Committee Roles

Buildings and Grounds Committee

  1. Management and maintenance of the church’s property and equipment.
  2. Communicate to the Session its recommendations regarding requests for the use of the church building and/or equipment by members and outside groups.

Christian Education Committee

  1. Plan for and develop programs of education for people of all ages in accordance with the requirements of the Book of Order.
  2. To provide for those supplies, equipment, space and materials necessary
    to provide an effective program of education in the church.
  3. To recruit and provide for the training of teachers, assistants, helpers and whomever else is required for such programs.
  4. To plan learning and action opportunities in areas of current concern in the local and world communities.

Finance Committee

  1. In cooperation with the Memorial Secretary, the Church Treasurer and Financial Secretary, to assure the keeping and approval of accurate records of memorial gifts, tithes, offerings, and gifts received by the church.
  2. To oversee the annual budget for the support of the local and general mission of the church.
  3. Annually establish budgetary needs of carrying out the assigned duties of the committee.
  4. To monitor committee expenditures so that they normally remain within approved budgetary guidelines and to advise Session of any extraordinary expenses.
  5. To prepare and present recommendations concerning the management, use, and dispersal of the capital and/or invested funds of the congregation

Stewardship and Mission Committee

  1. To lead the congregation in its participation of the mission of the whole church in the world.
  2. To plan and implement an annual program for the commitment of gifts and pledges by children, youth, and adults to the support of the congregational, Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly missions of the church.
  3. To assure that the congregation is kept informed concerning the current support of local, national, and worldwide mission of the church.

Membership and Evangelism Committee

  1. To exercise the session’s responsibility for the care of members and increase of its numbers as described in the Book of Order.
  2. In cooperation with the Pastor, to plan and implement an active program for the recruitment, training, and assimilation of new members into the fellowship and programs of the church.
  3. As frequently as advisable, to plan and conduct, in cooperation with other appropriate committees, such events which are designed to enrich the spirit of fellowship in the congregation.

Personal Committee

  1. Care and concern of all personnel of the church.
  2. Hold annual evaluations and review compensation.
    Recommend appropriate policies and action including but not limited to employment and termination, to the Session.
  3. Develop job descriptions for paid staff.
  4. Take care of all misunderstandings between church members and any of the employees before they become grievances.


Worship and Music

  1. To exercise the Session’s responsibility in providing for the worship for the people of God as described in the Book of Order and the Directory for the Service of God.
  2. To provide for those materials and supplies, as well as the maintenance of those furnishings necessary for the conduct of public worship.
  3. To oversee the church’s ministry of music by providing for music staff persons,  proper maintenance of the organ and pianos and, with the Pastor, securing musicians for services during the absence of the choir and/or the organist.
  4. To oversee, with other appropriate groups, all arrangements for the celebration of the sacraments, including but not limited to instruction for preparing and serving the Lord’s Supper, the care and cleaning of linens and serving ware, and assisting in the Sacrament of Baptism.
  5. To encourage a broader knowledge of the meaning of worship in the Reformed tradition and to support the development of new expressions of worship under the guidance of the Directory for the Service of God.


Calling on the elderly and homebound members is probably our largest responsibility.

Other responsibilities include:

  1. Community service
  2. Visitation of sick and homebound
  3. Care of nursery during the worship hour
  4. Communion service at Mulder Health Care Facility
  5. Assist pastor in pastoral care
  6. Hospital calls, nursing home calls and home communion
  7. Assist with Sunday communion each month