From the Pastor’s Desk – June

Summer is upon us! For some, the primary distance is the heat, while for others, kids getting out of school means a time of different possibilities, vacations, etc. It can be a fun time! To help accommodate those plans, we will also be shifting our worship schedule to start at 9 am on Sunday Mornings for the months of June, July, and August… so you’ll certainly notice the change here in worship!

With the choir and bell choir on break for the summer (Odd, no one ever requests a break from the sermons during those months…) this will be a time of great possibilities in worship. If you ever wanted to show off a talent of your own, be it playing an instrument, singing, showcasing visual art, the summer months are a spectacular time to do so. Just let me know that you might be interested, and we’ll get you scheduled. In fact, if you SHOW UP Sunday morning with something to share, odds are, we can make it work.

Flexibility is a great asset in worship, and the power of the Holy Spirit allows us to try many different things as we praise the Lord. So, join us in worship, bring your gifts, and let’s have a fantastic Summer!

Pastor Dan