From The Pastor

From the Pastor

From the Pastor’s Desk – December

 Tis a Season!  I am writing this to you in preparation for Thanksgiving, but by the time this Lamplighter arrives, the church will be thinking Christmas, as the Sanctuary gets decorated and the snow starts to fall (again, we had our first snowfall a few weeks ago now) and the church prepares for its celebration…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – November

So, a few weeks ago a church survey went out asking various questions about membership and attendance and what have you and, while not a lot of answers stuck out as particularly prevalent, one common thread showed up and showed up STRONG…  You all like music and would like to see/hear more of it.  And…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – October

 I know the kids in the congregation will hate me a little for saying this, but I’m kind of glad summer has finally come to an end.  In general, I always prefer the cool or the cold to heat. When it’s cold, you can always put on another sweater, or get under another blanket, whereas…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – September

Hey there, everyone. This will be a bit of a change from my usual Lamplighter article. I don’t really want to beat around the bush, so I will come out and say it… Rose and I are getting a divorce. It is not an acrimonious divorce, we still plan to live together, so that we…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – August

Already, we’re more than halfway into the Summer, and I find myself looking into the future. It’s hard not to, with church work. Summertime is rarely good for attendance, and so it always feels weird to plan things during the Summer… I’m fairly certain we had more people at our Pool Party than we had…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – July

 So, there are big changes coming this fall. After our “Christmas in July” rummage sale and the Fall Rummage sale, the church rummage sale as we currently know it will be coming to an end.  This is happening for a few reasons. The volunteers who have been the main force behind the sale all these…

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