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From the Pastor

From the Pastor’s Desk – May

From the Pastor's Desk - May 2023

 As I am writing this, there is snow outside. SNOW. It’s APRIL. And yeah, I know that HAPPENS. It’s happened a few times, actually, since I moved to Wisconsin back in 2013. But STILL, I’m kinda over snow. Wanted to make a joke about how if it was just going to snow AGAIN, my Lamplighter…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – April

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen Indeed!  And that MEANS something! It means that all that once held us back can be let go, it means that Death’s sway is limited, it means that nothing on Heaven or Earth can separate us from the love of God.  It…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – March


March  I always feel like the articles that I write at the start of Lent come out sounding the same. We are in a time of growth, a spiritual journey that leads us from remembering our mortality on Ash Wednesday to seeing death itself defeated on Easter. That’s quite a pilgrimage, and so it really…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – February

February After all of the lead up to the New Year it can sometimes feel like a bit of a letdown when it finally arrives. Eager to move on from the hardships of the year previous, we wait and long for relief and find that life is continuing on more or less in the same…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – January

January  I’ve started putting less emphasis on years. Maybe it’s a side effect of turning forty-two, but looking to dates on a calendar for closure hasn’t really gotten me anywhere lately. Last year we went into a new year ready to build on some momentum only for spiking Covid rates to force us back into…

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From the Pastor’s Desk – December

Presbyterian Church of West Salem, WI

December  Come, LORD Jesus. When the world around us is frightening and awful…  Come, LORD Jesus. When the hatred of humanity seems louder than your love…  Come, LORD Jesus. When the need of the many is beyond our capacity to provide…  Come, LORD Jesus. When our call to care is eclipsed by our fear…  Come, LORD Jesus. When the promise…

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