From the Pastor’s Desk – November


One of my colleagues asked me earlier today if I had a plan for Advent yet and I wanted to hit him. Of course, Worship Committee asked me that even earlier. Are we REALLY coming up on Advent already! Of course we are. By the time you get the NEXT Lamplighter, we’ll already be in it. Like I always try to remind people (even if it makes me seem a bit like a grumpy old man) Advent isn’t the Christmas Season, but rather, a time when we remind ourselves why we need a Savior, and ask God to send one. 

In that way, the Birth of Christ isn’t just a memorial, but a reminder… this has happened before, and it will happen again. 

Of course, if everything is FINE, then a Savior might not seem necessary. Safe people don’t need saving. But as we look at the world around us, I think we can see plenty to indicate that the world in general, and us specifically, need help, even as we strive to BE that help as often as we can. 

It’s not Advent yet. Thanksgiving comes first. But as we approach it, I encourage you to think about how your life might need a savior. That way, when Advent comes, you can do what it was meant for. 

If nothing else, it will keep the “why are Christmas songs already playing in stores” doldrums at bay. 

Pastor Dan