From the Pastor’s Desk – June

The heat is rising, the sun is shining, people are disappearing for proms, weddings, trips and vacations. Summer must be upon us! 

Summer is always an interesting time in the life of the church, when nice weather, no school, and vacation weekends can make the church feel, sometimes, like a bit of a ghost town. Programs like Sunday School and Youth Group go on hiatus, and without the consistent energy of our kids, the building can take on a kind of relaxed vibe. 

And that’s fine! Performative business doesn’t help anyone. It’s okay when a committee mostly looks into stuff coming later, when everything isn’t urgent. It gives us a chance to calm down, to reflect, and to do things like pray. 

I DO encourage you to try to keep up attendance during the Summer. If you’re out of town, our online services continue, and if internet access is wonky or you’re looking to worship in person with people, finding a church to worship at while on the road might be a neat experience. 

Community is an idea that hinges a decent amount on momentum. The church lost a lot of it during Covid. We had some built up that we lost when we had to shut down again in January of 2022, and I’d like to try to keep it going. Not necessarily for programs or for business or for other tasks, but to keep us in the habit of coming together, once a week, to live, laugh, pray, and worship together. 

However yours goes, have a good Summer! 

Pastor Dan