From the Pastor's Desk - May 2023

From the Pastor’s Desk – May

 As I am writing this, there is snow outside. SNOW. It’s APRIL. And yeah, I know that HAPPENS. It’s happened a few times, actually, since I moved to Wisconsin back in 2013. But STILL, I’m kinda over snow. Wanted to make a joke about how if it was just going to snow AGAIN, my Lamplighter article from back in January should do fine, except that article was about New Years and you’d probably all notice. 

Of course, the life of faith can be like that, sometimes. We like to keep progressing, to keep learning, to always be moving forward, but sometimes we feel like we’re being pulled backward. Our faith, which once seemed so strong, seems to have yanked from us and we’re hurled into the uncertainty of the past. 

But that’s how the world is, and how faith works. Some days our prayers of confession are quick and to the point, others, we feel like we need a bit more time before shouting Alleluia. That’s why we keep confessing. We KNOW that we aren’t perfect. So long as we keep working on it, so long as we keep trying, we can keep generally moving forwards. 

But sometimes, yes, it means we get snow in April. 

Pastor Dan