From the Pastor’s Desk – November

So, a few weeks ago a church survey went out asking various questions about membership and attendance and what have you and, while not a lot of answers stuck out as particularly prevalent, one common thread showed up and showed up STRONG… 

You all like music and would like to see/hear more of it. 

And I hear you. We have a brilliantly talented congregation, as we have seen in numerous venues like the mother/daughter banquet, and I would LOVE to see more of that brought out as we worship together. A lot of people get nervous when talking to me about music in Worship and I would like to say… don’t be. 

If you, or folks you know, have a musical talent you would like to use for the glory of God, absolutely bring it to me. Piano pieces, solos, guitar pieces, what have you. Don’t worry too much about talent, either… God instructs us to bring a joyful NOISE, and that is the sort of thing I want to celebrate. Talent is a gift FROM God, but our praise is a gift TO God, and both are valid in separate ways. 

So praise the LORD, all you people, and bring your talents! Remember, if you are interested in Choir and or Bell Choir, get ahold of Vicki Arndt, and if you have another talent you would like to bring, bring it to me. 

And bring your joyful noise before God! 

Pastor Dan