From the Pastor’s Desk – September

Hey there, everyone. This will be a bit of a change from my usual Lamplighter article. I don’t really want to beat around the bush, so I will come out and say it… Rose and I are getting a divorce. It is not an acrimonious divorce, we still plan to live together, so that we can continue to co-parent Katrina together, and hope to remain good friends. But the circumstances of life have changed greatly, to the point where this seems to be the best step forward. Sometimes, the best step forward doesn’t feel good. This is one of those times. I do not intend to make a habit of reporting publicly about my love life in the Lamplighter. The main reason that I am announcing it like this is because in small towns and churches word gets around eventually and I didn’t want people putting hints together and then drawing conclusions that might lead folks to be cruel or hurtful. I want it made especially clear that I expect better than that from this congregation. You haven’t seen Rose much lately. To this point, that has largely been because she has been super busy on Sundays with Pulpit supply and her other Presbytery duties. Going forward, that will still be true, somewhat exacerbated by the whole “it is awkward to be the ex-wife of the Pastor of a church in his church” thing that will be going on. But even though I’m fairly certain I don’t need to say it, I still want to: When Rose does come to church events, I expect to see her treated like any church guest would be, as a dear friend, still a member of my family, and Katrina’s mother. 

Growing up as the son of a Pastor myself, I know that drama in the Pastor’s family can be handled differently in churches, so I am putting out this message to make this as clear as I possibly can… this is not an acrimonious divorce, we are still part of each other’s lives, and I would appreciate it if you all show her the love and kindness I have come to love and respect you all for showing since I have been here, especially in such a difficult time of my life. Life continues. The work of God continues. Most importantly, LOVE continues. 

Thanks for your patience with me, and your love for my family, as we continue to work and grow together. 

Pastor Dan